Tuesday, April 17, 2012

5 Months

Today our little Sadie is 5 months old! In the long run, 5 months is just the tiny start, but it seems like she can't possibly be that old? How did it happen?
She got her first tooth last Sunday and her second one has just broken through.  You can tell by the wet shirt that she is a drool machine. 

She can roll from her front to her back and her back to her front, but she doesn't do it regularly yet.  She can also scoot herself around in a circle with her feet so she can face whatever direction.  She is already determined to be mobile.

Of course she fits in well with her silly siblings.
And no, she has not lost her hair! It is still long and wild!
Last week we gave her some rice mush because she was acting hungry no matter how many bottles we made her.  She loved it! She barely spit any back out, she ate everything I had made.  We only give it to her every other night or so, but she is going to be a great eater!

We love you little Sadie Jo!

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