Sunday, June 17, 2012

7 Months

It's true. Sadie is 7 months old. She is growing too fast. I would love for her to slow down a little. I say things like, "she is too big for her britches" and "she has no idea how old she is!"

But honestly, I would not change a thing about her. She is an amazing baby. Always happy, smiling and cooing (or SCREAMING) with joy.

She likes to try to stand up.  Sometimes I help her and she becomes so proud of herself! It cracks me up.  Here she is standing up at gymnastics. She is making eyes at the man sitting next to us.  She has also started hiding her face and peaking back out at people, taking flirting to a whole new level.
With all of our adorable babies, we have taught them the game.... "How big is (insert name)?? So big!!" and the baby is supposed to raise their arms over their heads.

Sadie started totally getting the game yesterday. It is so funny because a lot of the time she doesn't get her hands all the way above her head and this happens......yeah. Notice her peaking out?  She just can't stand it and ends up with a big smile on her face!
Oh yes, and she is minutes away from clapping. 
Nothing is safe around this one. She will lunge, roll and scoot until she gets her little fingers on whatever she is after. Tonight at dinner she ended up covered in tomato sauce after rolling through Julie's plate.  (we were having a picnic outside, she wasn't sitting on the table)

One of my favorite things about Sadie is that she LOVES her big brother and sister.  And the feeling is mutual.  The big kids are there to love on her the second she wakes up and she is all smiles to greet them.  She wants everything they have and they would give her anything if we didn't tell them no (think ice cream and meatballs).

Sadie is one cool baby and we love loving on her every day!!

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