Sunday, June 10, 2012


Weekends around these parts are pretty fun. John works in the mornings so it's just me and the kids for the first half of the days. Most of the time before John gets off work, we hang out at home, play with our awesome neighbors, ride bikes, and just play, play, play. Sometimes we go to the park or meet up with friends at the zoo for puppet shows.

Last weekend we were going to go to the beach when Daddy got home.  The kids were so excited. As soon as we got bathing suits on they went out and waited for him.
And it was really fun at the beach.
They dug, played in the water, looked at tide pools and ran back and forth to the water about a hundred times.
Sadie thought it was fantastic!
She has been playing outside with us a lot. Most of the time we plop her on a blanket in the grass and she plays with her toys and soaks it all in. The big kids stop by and say hello to her as they are playing, riding bikes, whatever.  She is mostly a happy camper.
And gets pretty worn out. She is completely asleep here, still holding her own bottle.
Yesterday we took the kids on a 2 mile hike! They had so much fun! We didn't have to carry anyone, well, except Sadie, and there was minimal whining. We saw a snake and answered about a million questions about the area and animal habitats. It was really fun and we can't wait to go again. Andy was upset when we got back to the car. He was ready to turn around and do it again.

Since we wore the kids out on the hike yesterday, we moved a little slower this morning.  We played a lot indoors before going out to play with our neighbor friends.  The kids built a tower of blocks.  They were not even holding it here! They were so proud of themselves!
When John got home, we went off and got all the stuff to plant a garden.  Andy was dragging his wagon all over the place, he was so funny. Not particularly helpful, but funny.
The girls relaxed while John and I got everything ready for the planting.  Then, Julie popped up to help plant the plants and water.
And here is our fun little garden.  It's about 4'x4'.  We'll see if we actually get anything out of it.  We haven't always been great at the whole watering thing.
Yeah, weekends around here are pretty fantastic. There are always friends involved. Fun outings. Yummy food. This is the good life.

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