Friday, August 9, 2013

What We're Up To

Summer is just flying by! I havn't been updating much because we have been having way too much fun. Most nights, when I come home, we play outside until bedtime (with eating dinner in there somewhere, a lot of times, outside).

 During Sadie's naps though, the big kids have been loving doing "hard" puzzles given to us by our friend Delma. They are either 200 or 300 pieces. The big kids can get them done in about 45 minutes.
I got to work one night at a black tie event.  It was fun getting dressed up and I love Sadie's she is shocked to see me in makeup!
I also ran another 5k on the beach. I improved a bit and that's all I can ask for. That and an awesome cheering section when I cross the finish line!
Both Julie and Andy have been going to camp this week. Julie has been going to a church run camp that is all about nature and contributing to the earth around us. She has learned a lot and loved it.  Andy has been at a zoo camp the last few days.  He loves it and got to help feed some animals and learn all about how the zoo keepers take care of the animals.  When I picked him up today the teacher pulled me aside to tell me how wonderful and sweet he is and how loving he was to all his classmates. Somehow, I am not surprised, I could not be more proud of him.
Tonight, we were walking up to the school to see what Julie had worked on at camp and a wild skateboarder came zooming past us. John was ready to kick some booty until he realized it was Uncle Monster!  John and Chris have been skating a lot this simmer. Chris came up to the school with us and we all took turns on his board while the kids scootered. It was a blast. Pretty much a perfect evening.
So we have about a week and a half left of summer and a few tricks left up our sleeves. But we have been having fun, enjoying each other and spending time as a family. Can't ask for much more!

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Christina said...

Awesome! Thanks for the update! I've seriously been checking and missing your posts! :)