Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Day

After a great party for Grammy, Santa found us!
All the kids woke up happy and excited.  Julie was so good about helping Sadie with her gifts.
We left their new bikes out on the porch. Andy walked right by them, but thenhe freaked when he noticed his.
Goofy boy with his marble run.
Sadie wanted to wear her new slippers but couldn't get the on over her jammies. So she stripped!
Julie got right to work on her Legos.
If you want to see a baby jump, teach her to play Perfection! So entertaining, but great for small motor skills!
Of course the kids had to try out their new bikes!

Silly Sisters!
Memere, Uncle Justin, Auntie Audrey and Lauren all came over to have Christmas as well. We had such a great time with them!
Sadie and Lauren went outside to collect the eggs. With a little help of course.
Uncle Monster and Auntie Kay stopped by and enjoyed the sunshine and some gifts. Sadie loves long boarding with Uncle. We are so lucky to have so much family around, Christmas makes that more and more clear.
Cousins in their jammies! I love all their messy hair and faces!
Christmas night was wrapped up eating left overs with Great Grandma Hazel. I was over taking pictures by that point. But it was the perfect way to finish Christmas. The kids playing with their toys, showing everything to Grandma. Then, as soon as they were in bed, John and I took down the tree and put away all the inside Christmas decoration. It always feels like a job well done when the tree is put away and the lights are down until next year. I hope your Christmas was just as merry and bright as ours.

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