Monday, January 20, 2014


This weekend we took our first camping trip of 2014.  I got John a big new tent for Christmas and we couldn't wait to try it out.

We were lucky to have Uncle Monster and Auntie Kay there to play with us too!

First thing we did was get the tents all set up. Uncle, Sadie and Andy tested out the beds for us.
Everyone thought the camp fire was the most fun. And warm. We discovered that 40 degrees is actually really cold to be sleeping pretty much outside.
But during the day? It was amazingly beautiful. We went on a hike, then to the beach, with lots of trips around the camp ground on bikes, skateboards and running shoes.

This picture makes me feel like my kids are so lucky. They have so many people who love them so much.
Sadie is having a major growth spurt and ate pretty much all weekend....actually, we all ate pretty much all weekend. It was wonderful!
Andy is always good for a goof. He had a blast camping. I think his highlight was when the raccoon tried to steal our trash.
Julie's highlight was likely the bike riding. And getting to draw cool pictures of the camp fire.
After the first night, we all admitted that we were just too cold to stay another night. So we loaded up camp. We had dinner, lots of smores, then headed home when the kids were ready for bed.
We had a blast with these friends. We always have so much fun with them but it was great ot have some uninterrupted time. I would have to say Chris' favorite part was the skateboarding around the campsite. Kay's might have been the skunk. Kidding.
Julie had too make a sweet picture goofy of course.
This was a few smores in, so Julie was feeling extra silly!The sunglasses were to protect her eyes from the smoke. And to make her look super cool of course.
And what is the #1 sign of a great camping trip? Falling asleep sitting up in your camp chair sitting by the fire. Success.
Can't wait for our next (hopefully slightly warmer) trip!

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