Monday, March 10, 2014

Mind of Her Own

I know it's a surprise, us having a child with a mind of their own. This one has been showing hers a lot lately. But, none of us really mind, even Julie and Andy are so tolerant of her bossy and sassy ways.

This is how Sadie got ready to go to the movies. Baby, owl, tutu (hard to tell, but it's there) and super hero mask. All set.
At school the other day, we picked her up and she was wearing different pants than when we dropped her off. We asked if she had an accident and the teachers told us that she was outside playing and didn't want to go inside and potty so she just pulled down her pants and went potty in the sandbox. Oh geez.  They had her change her pants, just because that is what they do when the kids don't make the potty, but it definitely wasn't an accident!

She has also taken to coloring all over Julie's homework and hogging Andy's bed at night. But they still love her.

And while she is a little pill at times, other times she goes with the flow, sitting through a big kid movie during nap time even if it means falling asleep in the restaurant booth after the show.

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