Saturday, March 8, 2014


This week we had conferences with Julie and Andy's teachers. 

Andy was first. Mrs. Lee told us how happy, caring, sweet and attentive he is. She kept saying what a great role model he was for the rest of the class. Of course this made us so proud, and is huge considering he is one of the youngest in his class. She said that she never has to re-direct him, he is always on task and he is doing great with his letters and numbers and is even showing off how he can blend sounds to read words! We are so proud of our big man!

Julie's conference was next and Mrs Lewis really knows Julie after teaching her for 2 years now. She told us how Julie still shows so much enthusiasm for everything they do in the classroom. She is a leader, and loves reading and is amazing at math. Mrs Lewis gave us a story Julie wrote about our camping trip in January. The kids were supposed to try to fill a page. Julie filled 3. Mrs Lewis may have used the word overachiever, but we already knew that.

When I got back to work, everyone asked how the conferences went. Have to be honest, it's pretty fun getting to hear how awesome your kids by people who spend so much time with them.

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Tania said...

Way to go Julie and Andy!