Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Philadelphia Day 2 Morning

The next day we went to the aquarium in the morning. It was beautiful weather outside, so the aquarium was pretty empty.  Bess and the kiddos met us there. I gave Julie my phone and she took a bunch of pictures of the exhibits. 
You can tell they are Julie pictures by the little finger in the shot.  The penguins were outside in a pretty open exhibit, so we could get really close to them. Both Andy and Julie just finished learning about penguins in school so they liked seeing them and telling us about all their traits.
Bess brought Flat Stanley (Julie's school project) so we got a silly picture with him in a bubble.
Veda wasn't too sure about that.
Once again, both girls. But they did like being able to see better.
Or a lot of times, they followed Andy's lead, and climbed up on things.
We got to the big tank just as the scuba divers were doing a show. We learned all the hand signals for all the different animals. The kids ate it up!  The hammerhead shark and sting rays kept swimming up behind the scuba divers, like they knew there was a show going on. It was pretty impressive to watch.
I call this the "strike a pose" picture. These girls loved hanging out!
Only missing Clivey!
Clive was so good about sitting in the stroller and letting the bigger kids run free. He is such a patient boy.
Sadie and Veda liked the music area. Anywhere they could make MORE noise than they already do, they were happy.
After a bit, the other kids decided they would try the bubble too.
Veda and Clive went home to take naps and we went on to our next adventure!

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