Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Philadelphia Day 4 Afternoon

When Auntie Bess got home and the kids went down for naps, we went out to the Natural History Museum. They had dinosaur bones! It was a great exhibit, though we were all intimidated by the actual size of the bones.
Some of the prehistoric fish were really impressive.

Andy was less than thrilled that I made him stop and take a picture. Also, John looks like a giant.
They had a cool place to dig up dinosaur bones. Again, Andy was annoyed I wanted a picture.
Humoring me.
At least someone will pose for a picture.
Us with a turtle.
The museum had an amazing butterfly room, where the plants looked like they were moving because there were so many butterflies. It was really breathtaking.
After looking through all of the taxidermy animals, and other exhibits, we walked over to the Franklin Institute.  The marble Franklin statue as we walked in was impressive and beautiful.
In fact, all the exhibits were impressive. The kids all loved climbing on the locomotive. 
They ran all over the coal car and were able to turn the nobs and pull the levers.
Sadie was a bit intimidated by the big old train.
The Franklin Institute had rooms and rooms full of scientific type experiments.  Everyone had a blast.
Including John and I. We were lucky that the Institute was open late because it was spring break. Because we pretty much stayed until it closed.
Even Sadie got in on the science fun.
Pulley systems are fun!

There was even a fighter jet that the kids could play on. Sadie asked if we were going home in that airplane!
We all had a lot of fun at both museums. John especially liked the Pompeii exhibit and I really liked all the hands on fun for the kiddos.

After a great sushi dinner, we went back to the hotel and swam.  Another successful day!

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