Monday, June 30, 2014

Happy Birthday Memere!

 We had a fun little birthday dinner for my mom last weekend. It was fun to have some family over to play in the kiddie pool and eat cake!

We got a few great pictures of Memere with all her grandbabies!
Jemma was a happy camper hanging out with the birthday girl. Arlene and Hal, Stephen and Mariah were also there, but they avoided the camera.

Julie and Andy wrapped some gifts that they made for Mom. They included cool things made with melty beads and a necklace Julie made. They also took a 10 dollar bill out of their bank and wrapped it up. This is mom laughing at the gesture. They couldn't understand what was so funny, saying, "We always get birthday money!"

Happy Birthday Memere! Hope your day was grand. We love you!

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