Thursday, April 23, 2015

Another Color Blast

We paired up with our buddies the Horejsi family and participated in a Color Blast at the Jr High.  They had never done one before and I don't think they knew what we were getting into.

We started off nice and clean.
Our clan...don't let Sadie fool you, she didn't walk much.
See. She hitched a rid wherever she could.
At the end, we were all covered. It was a lot of fun. everyone was a mess, except for Sadie. She walked around all the color blasting. She didn't like it. She did get sprayed in the head with orange. She still had a little in her hair.
We had some tired kids when we were done. Notice how Sadie is pushing us away so she doesn't get too dirty.
Andy, on the other hand, embraced the color. He was happy, and rainbowed.
Lots of fun with great friends, Thanks Horejsis!!!

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