Wednesday, August 27, 2008

This Week

We have had a pretty productive week so far. On Saturday after we watched Justin run, we preregistered at the hospital, so they know we are coming at some point. It's funny, when we were pregnant with Julie, we registered at about 6 months. We are so much more relaxed about this one. I don't know if that is because we have done this before, or if we have just not realized yet what we have gotten ourselves into!
After registering, we met Popop and CC (aka Mel and Colleen) at the beach and let Julie play a little. She was WILD! she could not get enough of the water and sand. She had so much fun that we took her back to the beach on Sunday with my mom, Justin and Audrey. Then we went out to a fun dinner in Morro Bay. It was a great weekend, very relaxing.
Tuesday Julie went to the doctor for her 18 month shots and checkup. He says she is perfect and offered to take her home. He also said she was "abnormally social" but I think most of us already knew that. She did so well at the doctor that she got a special new toy when Daddy got home (actually, I think he just couldn't pass it up). She piles as much into it as possible and runs up and down the halls of our house.
She also has a few new sayings. This morning she started saying "see ya!" when someone is leaving. She also says "byebye Peepee" whenever we changer her diaper. Ha!

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