Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Memere!

Mom's Birthday is today, but we had her party on Sunday. It was a super fun Sushi Party! I made a cake that looked like a sushi roll. I dropped a teaspoon of icing on the ground, and guess who got it!
Mom and Auntie Arlene.Julie got to help Memere blow out her candles.
The spread! Yummo!
We got ahi, albacore, snapper and salmon. The fish was so fresh, a lot of it didn't even make it into rolls. This was the best part, sorry I can't figure out how to make it not sideways.

It was our first sushi party and definitely not our last. Happy Birthday Mom, hope you enjoyed your special day!!


Arlene said...

you're home is such a haven for all of us! Love you lots! Auntie Arlene

Beth McDermott said...

my kids are forcing me to replay julie singing over and over and over. good thing shes so cute or it might have to be classified as some form of cruel and unusual torture... ;)

chris said...

Yeah, that party was incredible. Can't wait to revisit the fish-buffet. You did a great job hostess-ing. Muchisimas gracias.