Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Must be Summer

Because it is time for swim lessons! Woohoo! After a bit of a rough start on Monday, Julie was able to jump right in tonight and start learning today. She did so well. At first, she clung on to the teacher, but then, they started playing “Ring Around the Rosie” and such and she was all about it. She blew bubbles under the water and kicked her little heart out. She was so excited to be in the pool with big kids Dawson and Anabelle. And she is really excited to go back tomorrow.
Andy was a good sport, he ate his dinner, then posed for a few shots of his own.


Beth McDermott said...

DUDE. You forgot to tell the part about how it would have been a complete waste of money for me to send my kids without JULIE there to show them how its DONE and melt all their fears away. Seriously. Kudos, Julie Bess!

chris said...

I'm most excited about how Monster will be ready to roll when you guys come out for a swim at our place. Now when is it going to get crazy-hot enough?