Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bess and Matt

We were lucky enough to travel to Philadelphia to see Bess and Matt get married. The day was July 26th, and though our travels started a few days before, the wedding was truly the highlight of the trip. The wedding took place at an amazing state park called Ridley Creek in Pennsylvania. On it sat a beautiful mansion that housed the reception while the wedding took place out on the lawns. The weather was nice, warm, humid, but it could have been worse considering we were on the east coast in July.

Bess was the most beautiful bride. Her dress was made by a friend of hers and it was prefect. She and her bridesmaids all had peacock feather earrings.

The whole family. It was nice taking pictures before hand because as soon as the ceremony was over, we got to celebrate.

The proud big brother.

Flowers for the flower girl. She was so sweet. There was also another flower girl named Olivia. She was a little older than Julie, but had never been a flower girl before. Julie showed her how it was done. But Olivia did not want to wear her head wreath, so the girls ended up putting them on their baskets instead. But not before I got a few pictures.
This is one of my favorite pictures from the whole trip. This was before the wedding, Julie was looking out over towards the mansion deep in thought. I don't know what she was pondering, but it must have been something important.

Julie and Olivia. Olivia has the same birthday as I do.

Getting ready to walk down the aisle.

This was during the ceremony. We didn't get too many pictures of the ceremony because my mom and I were busy chasing kids. But this one is sweet, and that about sums them up. They had a band at the ceremony, completely made up of friends. It was really neat. The walked away as husband and wife to "Pump Up the Jam, Pump it Up!"

This was inside the mansion. Isn't it beautiful! It looked even more amazing with people in it. Bess and Matt's friends are all so nice. It is easy to see how they call this place home.

Bess and the two cutest kids in the whole world.

The wedding was perfect. It was so "them" I hope that they felt the same way. I really had to edit down the pictures and only put a few on the actual blog post. So I uploaded the rest to Picaso so that anyone who wanted to see everything from that day can go HERE. Enjoy. And congratulations to Matt and Bess. You guys deserve all the happiness in the world!
There will be another blog about the rest of our trip, but I wanted to do them seperate to make sure everyone knew the wedding was the main event.

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Anonymous said...

My dearest daughter, As always, you have chosen so wisely. It was a magical day in such an appropriate setting for them. You selected the best to represent the experience. Well done! Mom