Monday, August 17, 2009


Julie has really been playing with her clothes lately. Not really playing dress up, just wanting to wear thing that are AWESOME!

This was while we were dancing in the living room.

Here she is watering the plants in the front yard with her binoculars made of paper cups.

Here she didn't want to get ready to go to Avila Valley Barn, so she put her shorts on her head and her shirt on like pants. She walked around like this for an hour.
This is what Julie's outfit turned out like that day...notice the backwards hat.

This hat was my Memere's. And it alone is a fashion statement, but pair it with an Elmo backpack and a dirty face, and you have a masterpiece!

When I was young, and we had somewhere to go that I had to look presentable, my mom would have to hide all my clothes except the ones she wanted me to wear! It has not come to that yet, but at least I know the trick in case it does!

While Julie is expressing herself, Andy has become super mobile. The other night we heard him whining, but walked by him 3 times before we found him. He had wedged himself behind the couch. Poor guy, we took his picture before we helped him!


Anne (grandma) said...

Perhaps we should start calling her "Bess" rather than Julie Bess :):):) looks a great deal like another little girl I used to know

Christina said...

Ok, this is great! I especially love those white boots! I think I once had a pair like that. (;

Ann (aka Memere) said...

So the people I work with commented on Andy's photo with "can you say Child Welfare Services?" So funny.