Saturday, August 1, 2009

Two...and A Half!

Julie is 2 and a half today! If you ask how old she is, she will say " two and a half!"

She says some of the funniest things, her vocabulary is amazing. It is so funny to hear such a little girl use words like "absolutely" and "delicious" She is such a big girl and a great big sister. She warms the heart of everyone she meets.

Her favorite letter is "W" and her favorite number is 4.

If you ask her what her favorite animal is, she will say a turkey. But her favorite animal at the zoo is the tiger.

She loves ketchup, just like her daddy and Uncle Monster. If you ask her what she wants to eat, she will always say a hot dog with ketchup.

She named her doll "Chaucer" after Uncle Monster and Auntie Kay's cat.

When we were in Philly (blog coming soon) she started calling me Rachel. Then, it was Ray. Then, I got her to call me Mommy again, and just now, she was trying to get my attention from the potty and she called out, "Hey, Mommy Hunter!"

She is a character, with her own ideas and her own style. We wouldn't want it any other way.

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Arlene said...

Hey mommy hunter............oh that made me laugh out loud! I am thankful everyday for you and your wonderful blessings. Thanks so much for blogging and keeping it all so real!
Love you little diddle...xoxo
Auntie Arlene