Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Dance

There have been very few things in this crazy parenting adventure so far that I truly dislike. I don't mind changing diapers. Yes, I am happy Julie is potty trained, but it wasn't because I couldn't handle the diapers. I don't mind the smell of baby food, the feeling of spit up down my back or even the three million loads of laundry that have to be done every week. I can handle it all. However, there is one thing that I hated from day one.....

Washing bottles!!

Ahhhh! I hated this long process involving scalding hot water and special brushes and if it wasn't done, ya, that was even worse!!!! Then you had to wash one with one hand because you had a screaming baby on your hip!

But, I am incredibly happy to say, the bottles are gone. Andy has not had one for almost 2 weeks. So they went away.

And I did a happy dance, right there in the driveway!

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Ann said...

This is really funny! Now here's our idea to run with....totally disposable bottles, with premeasured fomula. Just mix and serve!