Saturday, September 12, 2009

Much Better!

Julie has not been sleeping well. Every night, she would get out of her toddler bed and sleep on the floor. We took this as a sign that perhaps her bed was a little too small. We didn't worry about it too much, but then, one night, we walked in on her attempting to drag the mattress off the bed. OK, we get it. Big girl bed, here we come.
She was very excited she got to help Daddy take apart her old bed. We love that her crib turned into a toddler bed, then into a full bed After getting the special pieces to make her crib a big bed, going to Target and letting her pick out her own bedding and rearranging her room, this is what we have.

She is so happy! We have been reading stories on her bed, she and Andy have been jumping on it, we all snuggle as a family before bed. And the most amazing, and unexpected thing, her behavior has been so much better! She still has a mind of her own, no question, but you can tell that she is sleeping so well that she feels better and is much more agreeable.

Andy loves the bed too, they both use a stool that Pop-pop made to get up on it. Excuse the dirty room, we were still moving stuff around.

I was very surprised at how incredibly sturdy this bed is! A huge added bonus is that we have a guest room in the house again! Julie can easily camp out in our room if anyone wants to come visit!! Thank you so much Grandma and Pop-pop for the final pieces of her big girl bed, Memere for helping with the bedding and Christina and Brian for bringing down the pieces this weekend so we didn't have to pay for shipping! She LOVES her bed and we are all much happier when she is sleeping so well!


Beth McDermott said...

she looks ADORABLE in it. awe... what a BIG GIRL! totally makes sense she is behaving better... i know IM cranky when i dont get sleep! xo

Ann said...

Can't wait to see it all together. And can't wait to see what happens when Andy figures out that he can move the stool. Much Love, Ann/Mom/Memere

Christina said...

Did you go back to the box spring? Looks taller.

It's funny the milestones that make you see her as a big girl. This is definitely one for me. She must be a big girl if she sleeps on the same size bed I do!! (;