Monday, September 28, 2009


This morning we took Andy to his 1 year Dr apt. We discovered he has a double ear infection, bummer. We suspected he was getting one but didn't know he had full blown in both ears! The Dr was really impressed, though, that he is a year old and has never been on antibiotics....until now of course. But lucky for him, he didn't have to get any shots! We also found out he weighs 24 pounds (90th percentile) and is 32 inches tall (90th percentile). He didn't get the full look over because he was not as happy as he normally would be, especially after the Dr stuck the thing in his ears.

But, tonight, he was laying on his changing table as I was changing him. John walked in and helped me hold him down. He looked directly at John, waived and said "Hi Dad" It was clear as day, and very cute!

While we were on a walk later, Julie and I had this conversation...
Julie: "this is a treat!"
Me: "Yes, it is a treat for me!"
Julie: "No, this is my treat!"
Me: "what do I get for a treat?"
Julie: "A corn dog."


Beth McDermott said...

now i want a corn dog. THAAAAANKS julie bess! ;)
theyre growin right up. STOPIT!

Arlene said...

these darlings are precious! Can't wait to hear Andy's voice saying "dad"! How'd did Julie know that corndogs ARE a treat?!
Smart girl that little yaya
Auntie Arlene