Saturday, October 3, 2009

Great News!

I have had a HUGE secret for 3 days that I have not been able to tell, now I can and I don't know where to start!!!!!

Last Wednesday, I drove up to San Jose to be a witness at Brian and Christina's WEDDING!!!!! I picked her parents up and away we went. We went to their apartment, arriving just minutes before the Groom's parents and the rest of the wedding guests....aka Darby. After we all got pretty, and took a few pictures, we drove down to Santa Clara County Clerk's Office.
At the clerks office, they had an awesome little chapel and a judge in blue robes to do the ceremony. Christina looked beautiful. Brian was beaming! I have never seen a happier groom. Both sets of parents were delighted to be there. Darby and I were bouncing all over the place taking pictures, until the ceremony started, then I had to put my camera down because I was a little too teared up! Luckily, Darby was able to power through and get some great shots!

They didn't have time to buy a ring for Brian, but his mom just happened to be wearing her dad's wedding band, so they used that for the service. It is just on loan, but what a way to start!
Introducing Brian Phillip Asdel Cisneros and Christina Elizabeth Asdel Cisneros.

The happy family.

After the ceremony and a few more pictures, we went went to a swanky hotel lounge, had an appetizer and then went to dinner. We ate at this awesome Peruvian fusion place. I had chicken stir fry with french fries in it. A little strange, but so good! We ordered cream puff things for dessert. Brian and Christina fed them to each other, it was cute.After dinner, we all went home. We all had to work the next day and Christina had school. George and Kathy were great company for the drive home.

This was one of the sweetest weddings I have ever been to. Short, to the point, but filled with all the love and commitment a wedding should be. I love this beautiful couple and everything that they are.

Oh, one last thing, Christina is PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She called me a few weeks ago and just sprung it on me. I couldn't contain myself!! I am so excited for them and for the family that they now are. They will be the most amazing parents! I can't believe that one of my best friends in the whole world is going to be a mommy!!

Yeah, life is so good!

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