Saturday, October 17, 2009


Tonight I took the kids over to Morro Bay to walk along the ocean on that super cool new boardwalk. As we were walking towards Morro Rock, Julie and I had this conversation:

Julie: Wow! That is a big hill! (pointing at the rock)
Me: Yes, that is Morro Rock.
Julie: You can't climb it.
Me: True, why not?
Julie: Because if you fell, you would get an owie.
Me: True
Julie: Wow! It goes all the way to heaven!
Me: (smile)
Julie: It won't fit in my pocket.
Me: (Bigger smile) True

I love the way that girls mind works and how she tells me everything that is going through it. (Smile.)

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Ann said...

She is truly such a gift. She never lets a detail pass. And the heart to go along with it makes it wise beyond her years. She is listening...