Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Festivities....So Far

I say so far, because Halloween is still 2 days away!

Tuesday night we had the 6th Annual Cut-n-Gut. Here is the outcome.

First up are Julie and Andy with their pumpkins.
Then our pumpkins, from left to right, John, Rachel, Kayla and Chris. Chris is always super creative, and this years turtle is no exception!
Today Julie had a parade and party at school. Here is Julie and her friend Jackson getting ready to go to the parade. It was a pretty long walk, so they decided to stroller it! It was very cute and all the people on the route were very generous with the candy! She came home with a huge bag!
Both kids were excited to see Auntie Arlene along the parade route! Andy even got some M&M's!

This is in her class room, she barely stopped talking enough to eat her lunch!

Tonight, the kids and I met my friend Heather, her sister in law April, brother in law Tom and of course, Lina, for the SLO Farmers Market. The girls were so cute walking all over holding hands. They have grown up so much from last year! After Heather and her family went home, we watched the cheerleaders show. Julie wanted so badly to go join them! She cheered, jumped and was mimicking their every move. We met up with Justin and Audrey (happy birthday Auntie Audrey!!) and they were also amazed at how excited Julie was to watch the cheerleaders!

We had a great day! Stay tuned!!

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Arlene said...

It was so amazing to watch you and your beautiful children. I love watching and being a part of their lives!
Auntie Arlene