Tuesday, February 16, 2010


So, I really want to show all the super fun baby shower gifts I have been making, but since all of my awesome friends who the shower gifts are for are awesome enough to read my blog, I can't show them...and it is KILLING ME!! AHHHH!!

So instead, I will share some adorableness.

Julie decided that she didn't want her picture taken at the zoo.
But eating her Valentines candy was ok. Yes, she is still very pale from being sick. It got a little better after being out in the sun that last few days.
The big man and his Memere. He was a happy boy! Candy and Memere, what more could you ask for!
The bag lady on the way to Grandma's this morning...yes, she actually brought all these bags!


Memere said...

A great post! My memere always carried bags. She and her friends always joked that "Baggie Dow" was coming along. But, the gal always had exactly what she needed. And I love the things that Julie packs. She's following someone's examples.....

The Studes said...

I"m so happy that julie is feeling better! what a sweet little girl, and I am so in LOVE with all her bags =)!

Arlene said...

So is that where I got my bag fetish from my grandmemere??!!! Hahaha......I passed it down to Mariah. Julie is a yaya for sure!!!