Saturday, February 13, 2010

Where to start?

On February 1st, we went to Julie's school to pass out cupcakes for her birthday. She was still napping, so I woke her up gently, and she felt warm. We figured with all the excitement of her birthday she was just sleeping hard. She was not herself as we were leaving school, really grumpy and tired. When we got home, she crashed on her couch. We took her temperature and it was 104.3....not good.

We treated her with Motrin the next two days, her fever fluctuated based on when we gave her the medicine.

On Wednesday, February 3rd, we brought her to the Dr. He said to keep up with the meds and keep an eye on her.

On Thursday, February 4th, a cough developed. We brought her to the Dr and he ordered blood work and a chest x-ray.

On Friday, February 5th, we got the results of the blood work and x-ray. Both were negative, or looked normal. But, considering the Dr called us from home on his day off, I knew he was still concerned. He had already called the house and spoke to Memere and found out how Julie was. Then he called me and said that if there was not an improvement by noon, to bring her in again.

There was no improvement, in fact, she got worse. Not eating, playing, talking, nothing!

So at 2 pm, we went in. Her oxygen level was very low, at 85 (Dr's get worried at 90!, it is normally 98-99!)

Off to the hospital we went. We got there, they hooked her up to an IV to start battling the dehydration that was becoming very obvious. the started her on oxygen through a nose tube and breathing treatments. She was diagnosed with Viral Pneumonia.

Soon she got shaky, and was having episodes of "night terror" style wake ups. I get that way from medication, so they switched her off the albueteral and she did much better.

Saturday February 6th there was not much change. Her oxygen had stabilized with the tubes in. But she was still shaking a little and we were having a hard time waking her. I asked the nurse about getiing her some pain meds, since we couldn't get her to take anything orally. She said there was a pain reliever they could give her through the IV.

Sunday, February 7th she was doing so much better! By early afternoon, she wanted to get out of bed and play! She ate 3 Popsicles, which is more than she had had in 4 days. She was talking and playing and was allowed to be taken off the machines long enough to run around a little.

Monday, February 8th we took her home! She was ready to get home and have a bath!! After 3 nights in the hospital she was one stinky girl!!

Now, she is back to normal. Even her cough is pretty much gone. Her energy is still a little low, but she is happy and normal.

We had to go to a follow up and Julie was worried they were going to send her to the "hopspital" We assured her that they wouldn't and we hope that we will not have to go through this again...ever!

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Grandma said...

So worrisome and soooooo good to have our babycakes back!