Sunday, February 28, 2010

It seems like lately all my blogs seem, well, heavy? Ok, the cowboy boots while sleeping on the floor was not heavy, but seriously, all the trips to the hospital, sickness, runny noses, need I go on?? So to change it up a bit, here is some of the fun, normal, day-to-day awesomeness around the Hunter house.

We went to a baby shower for an awesome friend. April is due April 4th with a baby boy named Elias. We could not be more happy for her.
April is the sister-in-law of my good friend Heather. So baby Elias will be Lina's cousin. Julie was so excited to go to Lina's house for the "girl party" She got to sit and eat with her good friends Lina and Anna. No, Julie is NOT wearing lipstick....must be from the punch.
Julie and I have both been exploring our inner artist. Me with my sewing and her with her painting. I got these awesome little ceramic animals at Target. She had a great time.

She was very serious about it.
She figured out how to sleep like a normal person....well, a normal person who sleeps in a sleeping bag on their bed with Loretta and a horse....
Julie showed her brother the joy of tormenting the dogs through his bedroom window. Every time it has been quiet in the house lately, this is where I find them....better than swimming in the potty!
We have had friends for lunch.

And Andrew Justin Hunter has fallen in love. I kid you not, when Audrey Opal was here this morning, he could not keep his eyes, hands, lips, or slobber off of her. At the park, he brought her sticks and rocks. At home he brought her toys and his sippy cup. He is smitten! His shirt was wet from drooling over her! Ok, he is actually teething big time, but just look at that face!
Ok, there you go. A cheery, day-to-day Hunter Blog. Phew, much better!

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Tania said...

Too cute! I go back to work on Tuesday but will still have Wednesdays off (at least for a while). Let me know if there is ever a Wednesday that we could meet up. Anna keeps mentioning "big girl Julie". So much fun!