Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Just a Little Green

This morning was just a little crazy, ok, all mornings here are a little crazy, so I was not able to make green eggs for the kids like I normally do on St. Patrick's we had them for dinner instead!

Andy is finally old enough to handle himself on the counter with Julie while I cook. He still tries to eat everything in sight, but he gets the concept of height a little better, so I don't have to worry about him falling off every two seconds.

Julie broke all the eggs and put the food coloring in. She also stirred them all up, so all I had to do was cook them. She is a huge help in the kitchen. And not a "help" but a serious, get the tasks done, help.
This is my new favorite, and it is green, so we had it with our eggs. It is olive oil, garlic, turkey pepperoni (if you have never tried this, you are missing out!) and fresh spinach. Yummmo!
And there you have it, a delicious and nutritious St Patty's Day meal.
After dinner, the kids got to open their cards from Memere!

My Memere and Pepere always sent us a card on every holiday, Thanksgiving, Valentine's, St Patrick's, Easter, etc. They were always themed and adorable. They always contained a single dollar. It made us feel so special to get something in the mail. Julie and Andy both received cards and dollars from my grandparents before they passed away and now my mom is carrying on the tradition. I would be lying if I said the first time I found them in our PO Box I didn't burst into tears right there in the post office. I LOVE that she is doing this for our children.

Julie was very excited about her dollar.
All in all, a pretty basic day. No green beer, no pot of gold, but who needs that when you have green eggs and a dollar from your Memere.

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Memere said...

Okay, I'm just a little verclemp right now. Talk amongst yourselves, k? Love that the spirit lives on in what we do and love you guys so much.