Sunday, March 7, 2010

Children's Discovery Museum

We have wanted to do something fun and special for the last few weeks, so when Christina invited us up to hang out, we jumped on it! Saturday morning we loaded up the kids and hit the road. We headed up to San Jose to check out the Children's Discovery Museum. It is located just a few blocks from Christina's house, and can see the giant purple building with a huge inflated rubber ducky on the roof from the freeway....but I had never noticed it!!

We made it up there right after it opened. After playing for a bit in the courtyard/park, we went inside. Andy and Julie both climbed right up on the fire truck, stagecoach and ambulance. There were lots of kids, but Andy is not shy!
They had an awesome water area with super cute raincoat/smock things. I think this was Andy's favorite place. He got really wet but loved putting the balls into the water hurricane and the water stream strong enough to hold the balls up. He was also in the wrong place at the wrong time more than once, which did not help with his dryness.

Downstairs was a bubble area. Julie had a blast down here. She pulled this rope to create a big bubble "sheet" then blew through it to make big bubbles! Fun!

Daddy had fun too!

They had a place where you could look at fossils and stuff, but Julie enjoyed playing with the woolly mammoths and saber tooth tigers more.
It was so nice to spend time with such great friends and have a couple extra set of hands! Julie and Andy enjoyed having the Cisneros' there, Julie has asked about them pretty much non stop since we left, she wants Brian to come to her school, not sure why, maybe because he is a teacher. But I think Brian and Christina also enjoyed the museum. It was very adult friendly.

Of course the only picture I got of my beautiful pregnant best friend is one where she is bending over so you can't see her adorable baby belly! But I love this picture of her showing Andy how to do the car. He was intrigued by her all day, didn't really want anyone else to hold him!
Then, a few minutes before we left, Daddy found a little room off to the side where they had do it yourself face paint. Guess who did it herself?? She is a kitty! Meow....

Both kids were so well behaved. Both at the museum and in the car ride. Julie didn't have any major meltdowns or run away from us. In fact, there were times we had to tell her she could go where ever she wanted! We are going to go back again soon we had so much fun! The drive was well worth the change of scenery!

We are all so lucky to have great friends in our lives! Friends who are willing to climb, get soaked, fling cars, blow bubbles and eat fruit snacks on a bright purple building. We can't wait til their little man is here to join in all the fun!


Christina said...

Awww. Fun! We're so happy you all came up!

Kamryn said...

So cute! Thanks for sharing :)