Sunday, May 23, 2010


We have a neighbor who is a teenager who rides his skateboard all over town. Julie probably sees him at least twice a day going by our house on his board. She always has a comment to make about him or his board or about how fast he is going. Basically, she is always interested.

So, today, John decided to get her started. I was inside reading and when I looked out the window, this is what I saw.
She was seriously booking down the road. All self propelled, having a great time. She had been riding her bike a few minutes before, so she was already wearing the proper safety gear. Andy was not a fan of this whole thing, he can be very protective of her. He proved that today by yelling "NO!" every time she went past him on the board.
Unfortunately, however, she is still learning, and I will spare you the after shots, but she did stop abruptly and go face first into the front of the board at one point. I thought she had broken her nose at first glance because her nose instantly swelled and turned blue and she got faint black eyes. And she was crying a lot. But we asked her to tell us what was wrong (like where it hurt) and she said, "I just want to skateboard some more!!" So John put her down and she kept going! The swelling went down and her nose and forehead are just a little blue now. Nothing she can't handle.

You may be asking where she got all this mad skill. Oh yeah, she is Daddy's girl!

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grandma said...

and her grandma, on her daddy's side, has broken her nose TWICE, so it does run in the family