Sunday, September 19, 2010

Andy J is 2!!!

I can't believe it, but Andrew Justin turned 2 today!

We are having a party for him next week, but we could not resist doing something special for him on the actual day. This time of year is super busy for the Hunter family. I am working a lot of extra hours at work, John is doing the same, there is soccer, school, friends and family birthdays, etc, etc. So come mid-September, we are in major need of some Mommy-Daddy-Julie-Andy time (yes, that is what we call it, all the time when it is just the 4 of us).

So we packed up Saturday afternoon and hit the road. The kids had no idea where we were going, just that we were doing something special.

We started off by spending the night in a hotel. Always a favorite with the kids (and us!) because there is cable TV! Yay for cartoons they have never seen before and the Food Network!

Andy woke up to a few presents from his Sissy and one from Mom and Dad. We were crazy enough to buy him a talking Woodie doll (like the one from Toy Story, even though he has never seen the movie and has no clue who it is) but he loved it so much, we barely even notice when he pulls the string.
Then we hit a park that had some super cool different toys, and an awesome covered bridge. (I know it is Andy's birthday, but when did Julie get so big?!?)

Here is Julie following a horse through the bridge. It was so large and solid. Made you feel tiny.
Then we hit our destination. Roaring Camp Railroads in Felton. We were taking the kids on a train up the mountain!!! They were bouncing and clapping and running when they figured it out, and they figured it out as soon as we turned into the parking lot.
We got there a little early so there was a little time for goofing around. Love AJ in this one.

He was saying, "MOOOO!"
And here is Julie all boarded on the train. This is how excited she was.
Andy was playing it cool.

All Aboard!! Except Daddy, who was taking the picture!

It was so much fun! We climbed and climbed and the train tooted and chugged. The kids loved it. Andy had such a great time that he fell asleep! He loves that rocking motion!

When we got home he was showered with love from Pop-pop, Grandma and Memere and got to blow out a couple little candles (which he did all by himself!)

And he fell into bed without a peep. All day long we received phone calls, texts and Facebook messages wishing the little man a happy birthday. Including picture messages from these two silly gooses!!!

It is amazing how much love surrounds these two kids, not just on a special day like today, but every day of their sweet lives.
Happy Birthday Big Man! Can't wait to see what this next year brings.


Christina said...

Awwww . . . so sweet! You two are such amazing, loving, thoughtful parents! What a great idea to go to Santa Cruz. I love that park with the covered bridge.

I thought the same thing about that picture of Julie. Before I read what you wrote I thought, "is it inappropriate for me to comment on how old Julie looks on a blog about Andy?" (;

Happy birthday Andy!!

HalnArlene said...

such a wonderful family Rachel!!!! Love you so much!