Saturday, September 25, 2010

Andy's 2nd Birthday Party!

Today we had Andy's birthday party at Avila Valley Barn! It was probably the most beautiful weather that Avila has seen in months, and the Barn had just finished putting out all their fall goodies.

With much help from Memere, Grandma and Pop-pop, we put on a cowboy/farm party fit for our little cowboy!

We got set up just as friends started coming....
Andy was ready to party....well, just as soon as he ate ALL the tomatoes before any of his friends could have any!
Let the good times begin!
Auntie Audrey (and baby girl cousin who we can not wait to meet! Bummed I didn't get a better picture of the adorable bump!), Julie, Auntie Arlene, Auntie Kayla, Cousin Sarah and Memere. Man, my kids are lucky!
Does this face look like it's having fun?!

I kept loosing Andy, but every time I found him, he was surrounded by pretty girls and food.
Or getting loved on.
Speaking of love, here is my super beautiful BFF with Andy's adorable BFF (they just don't really know it yet!)
Blowing out his birthday candle!
The aftermath of a cupcake.
Maybe a little off topic, but isn't my cousin Mariah gorgeous?!
There is no question Andy got the whole present thing this year! And loved it! He wanted to keep opening, he was in awe of everything he pulled out, threw paper everywhere and had a blast! A few times Momma took it in the face becuase I wasn't fast enough with the tissue paper!

This is about as close to a family picture as we could ask for.
More love!

We wrapped up the party, cleaned up and headed home. Both kids made it all the way home awake, which amazed us all. The whole party I could not get over the feeling of love and family. Being surrounded by people who love our little family is the greatest feeling in the world!

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Christina said...

It was such a great party! Thanks for the fun! Can't wait for Andy and Everett to understand that they're BFFs. (;