Sunday, September 5, 2010

Blown Away

Seriously, I thought I had about 10 years before she became smarter than I am hoping for 5!

Yesterday Julie and I went to her friend Davin's (a classmate who I had never met before) birthday party. As we were preparing to leave, I told her to write her name on the card, thinking that she would scribble and maybe make a circle or something. I turned to finish wrapping the gift and looked back to see this. I knew she could make a J (although, in this case, it is a little sideways) and I knew she could spell her name aloud (along with a few other words) but I had no idea she could even come close to writing it!!!

Then, when we got to the birthday party (where she behaved like an angel, shared, took turns, said please and thank you and asked to take a pack of fruit snacks home for her brother) she was jumping on the trampoline with some friends. She bounced over to me and said, "There are 4 friends on here right now and if 2 more get on, then there will be 6!"

Yeah, that one got some jaw drops from the other parents.

My wonderful girl. I am so proud and amazed at the way her mind (and mouth) is always working. I can't wait to see all the incredible things she does with it.

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Grandma Anne said...

I think that thinking we have 5 years is a bit too hopeful :) She is such a delight.