Sunday, November 21, 2010


Yesterday, for the first time ever, my mom and I enjoyed the Holiday Craft Boutique from the other Crafters!

It was really fun to do all the sewing, planning and setting up.

The forecast called for rain, but there was none! Although, I think that it did deter a lot of people from coming to check out the home made goods.

The best part of the boutique was socializing with all of our amazing friends and family that stopped by to see us. Every time we turned around, there was a friendly face saying hello and commenting on our work. The encouragement and love was everywhere and it felt awesome.

Here is our booth, all set up!Mom did the adorable hats, little boy ties and blocks. I did the burpies, lunch bags and totes.
More stuff.
And here we are! This is the only picture I got of the two of us, and its a little blurry, but I think it is pretty cute. Check out the matching aprons! Yeah, I am cheesy like that. Thanks Mom, for the fun day and all the encouragement.
The craft boutique was a lot of fun. Tiring, and maybe not the most profitable, but fun. And I can see getting addicted to them!

And just for fun, here are some shots of my handy work.

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