Sunday, November 7, 2010

Party with Sophia!

We hit the road today to celebrate Sophia's first birthday! I can't believe it has been one year since this beauty joined the family!!
She is so dainty and sweet, she wasn't even sure about the whole cake eating thing. She wasn't positive she wanted to get her hands dirty. So her Daddy helped her out a bit!
Summer and Emmanuel had this super fun party at a park that had a 2-story play structure! Seriously, check this thing out!!

That is Andy and Julie up on the top, it was pretty sweet.

There was also a futuristic Merry-go-Round. The kids pretty much just had to hang on for dear life as we spun. It was pretty interesting. Memere discovered later that there were actually handles, but the only way to reach them was in this position.

And a no risk pogo stick!
And even Uncle Justin got in on the adult size top!
Even thought the drive over was a little rough, once we got there, we had such a nice afternoon with Memere, Uncle Jus, Aunt Joanne, Summer, Emmanuel and of course, birthday girl Sophia!
Enough fun to tackle Mommy!

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