Monday, November 15, 2010

Julie's Bedtime Woes

Julie was not being a good listener at bed time, so we sent her into her room to calm down until she was ready to make better choices. She was so tired so she laid down and started yelling. John and I were tearing up from laughing so hard, we had to document a few:

"it's not exciting in here!!"

"somebody better come rub my back to cheer me up from crying"

"no one wants to do anything without a grownup"

"guys, I am not going to stop crying without a grown up rubbing my back"

"someones gotta cheer me up! no ones going to cheer me up!"

She is now fast asleep, after her loving father went in to cheer her up.

UPDATE: John just came out and said that when he was done reading her a book, she said, "I need you to read that one more time, I am still a little bit sad."


Memere said...

You just can't make this stuff up.

Anonymous said...