Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Catch Up

We have been doing so many fun things, that not only have I not been blogging, but they are so fun I can not be bothered to bring my real camera! So all these pictures on this picture filled blog are from either my phone or Johns. Good thing our phones have nice cameras, otherwise we would have missed out!

First off, John had surgery on his wrist to correct some tendinitis. It was a quick, in and out surgery, and the actual cut is only about 2 inches, but he had to wear this beauty for about 5 days, and has been off work ever since. So that has been a major upside!
We went to the Christmas Parade in San Luis Obispo. The kids really wanted to see Santa, who of course was on the last float of the parade.

Andy was so patient.
Julie was a little less patient, but still did very well!
Me and my sweet boy being patient together. They made it to see Santa. It was so fun, they danced, clapped, and yelled at Santa!
The next weekend, we went to Winter Wonderland with Memere. There was a mini carousal, which Memere was wonderful enough to go on with the kids, since I don't do so well with the whole round and round thing. I love this picture!
And there was snow!!!!! The kids were so excited and threw snowballs and fell on their bottoms. Julie didn't deter from her normal bossy ways....notice the hands on her hips....
Andy was all about the snow balls.
But the snow is deceiving. The next day we went to Avila Valley Barn to feed the animals. It was about 70 degrees. Notice the shorts and sleeveless dress!

And the next day was even more amazingly warm, close to 80 degrees at the that is where we went! And we had so much fun! Of course, I always think, "they will just play in the sand, they won't want to go in the water, we won't wear bathing suits...."

And I am ALWAYS wrong!!!!!

And now, this week, we are being drowned in rain. So I leave you with our kids creative way to occupy themselves when they can't go outside.....a kitchen train. It is a circus kitchen train...Andy told me the chair behind him was for the elephants.
There, all the fun we have been having getting in the Christmas Spirit! The next few days are going to be even MORE fun!!!

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