Sunday, December 26, 2010


We had a few fun festivities leading up to Christmas by the time it got here, the kids were ready and wired!

Christmas Eve is also my Mother-in-Laws birthday, so we planned a little family lunch celebration. The kids were wild with anticipation! And dressed adorably, so I tried to snap a few shots before everyone got here.

By the time Grandma and Pop-pop got here, Julie had told the entire neighborhood that it was Grandma's Birthday! And that they had made a cake for her.

We found Andy a few hours later with a spoon helping himself to the cake, but we were able to salvage it for the party.

When Grandma arrived, she got lots of extra kisses and hugs.

And plenty of extra help eating her cake.
And Uncle Sean got help opening his presents too.
After the birthday party, and a nap, the kids and Daddy checked the computer to see where Santa was.

Then the kids put out reindeer food before we went off to church. (by the way, thank you again Kari for the AMAZING hand-me-downs....and great timing too!)
After church, a Hunter Family Tradition of Daddy reading "T'was the Night Before Christmas" and then off to bed! It took seconds for the kiddos to be out.
But only after they left cookies and milk for Santa.

And Santa loved them so much, he spoiled the kids (almost) rotten.
I think Andy's stocking needs a little TLC before it goes back in the box...who made that thing anyway!?!
Julie came running into our room after sleeping til 7 am (!!!!) screaming, "Santa brought us SCOOTERS!!!!!
Andy got Buzz.
Testing out the scooters.

Andy wanted Woodie and Buzz to ride his too.

Can you tell it was a fun Christmas morning?
Soon Uncle Justin, Aunt Audrey and Memere came to join the fun.

Andy got a cool bowling game. We didn't have the heart to tell him you don't bowl by kicking the ball.
Princess Goofball.
Daddy and Uncle Justin putting together the Basketball Hoop for the kiddos.

Santa brought Julie a kite that she brought out to the street and was flying within 5 seconds. It was amazing, she was running all over the place with the kite flying behind her.
Basketball was great fun, til the ball got Julie in the nose. When she saw this picture as I was writing the blog, she said, "Mommy, brother is so good at basketball, maybe he should play for me."
After a long nap by both kids and Mommy, we went of to Grandma Hazel's for Christmas Dinner. The kids immediately started playing with Aunt Sharron.

When Grandpa got there, the decided he needed a nap....they know their Grandpa!
Andy got a train that was the hit of the evening. Grandpa, Daddy and Uncle Ted put it together.

Andy TRIED to wait patiently....
And finally his train was up and running. Julie was so excited to make tunnels. It worked...periodically.
Christmas is an amazing time. But it means so much more with little ones who believe in the magic and family that makes the magic happen. Luckily for me, I have both.

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