Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Quick Quotes

We have been having so much fun doing all the wonderful holiday activities like seeing Santa, sewing, playing in the snow at Winter Wonderland, watching Buffy, eating sushi and drinking beer with Christina and Brian.....wait, that isn't holiday....well, the holidays are all about loved ones right?! Basically, we have been having way to much fun for me to sit down and blog, so while I get pictures and such together, I will leave a few quotes.

On Sunday we took the kids to the beach because it was 75 degrees and beautiful. On the way there, Andy was shoeless and had his feet up on the back of John's chair. We had the windows down while we were driving and Andy cries out, "Daddy! My toes are all windy!!!!"

Monday night Julie and I were wrestling and she backed up to charge at me. As she ran towards me she yelled, "I am gonna get you like a hippopotamus!"

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Christina said...

Always happy to keep you away from blogging with some fun outings . . . still LOVE the blog! {: