Thursday, January 6, 2011

Big Boy's Big Day

Andy started preschool on Tuesday! My big man was so excited, talked about it for days before hand. Ever since his second birthday he has been asking to go to school, but we hadn't felt like he was quite ready.

Well, he's ready now!

So Tuesday morning, he got up, had a big breakfast and was ready to roll. Look how grown up (and annoyed) he looks in this picture!!
He was also so excited to carry his lunch box. When I took him to the store to pick one out, they didn't have any Toy Story, or "Woodiebuzz" ones, so he looked at me and said, "Lets go to another store Mommy."

When we got there he was confident and happy. He made himself at home and didn't even bother to look up for pictures.
We kissed him goodbye and when John picked him up after his 9 hours of school, he was happy and still playing. The teachers said he did awesome. And he ate all of his lunch.

Today was his second day at school. When I picked him up, they said he was happy all day, smart, talkative and very fun. I asked him if he ate all of his lunch and he said, "No, I didn't eat the spoon in there." I had given him applesauce and a spoon to eat it with. Smartie pants.


Tania said...

So glad he had a great day! Anna is in love with preschool! Bittersweet to see them grow!

Christina said...

So hard to imagine that one day Andy and Everett will have an indistinguishable age difference. Right now he seems like such a big boy and E's just a babe.

Congratulations Andy!