Friday, August 26, 2011


Apparently we have been having a super busy summer. So busy, that I can not remember what we have been doing!!

I know last weekend, we went to warm the Cisneros house as the threw their first (of many!!) party in their new house!

We hit the beach last Sunday. Had a blast, just the 4 of us. Well, ok, 5.

One night last week, after we had put Andy to bed, this is where we found him.
The kids got to spend the day at Beth's house, which they think is the coolest thing ever. And this is what happened when we got home....
This week included Soccer practice for Julie and both kids starting the "school year" in their new classes. Another night, this is how we found Andy.
I guarantee, they are asleep in all 3 pictures. And, they are all different nights, even though Andy is wearing the same Jammies. They are some of his favorites. They get worn often.

So we have been having fun. So much fun, the kids can't even drag themselves to bed!

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