Monday, August 15, 2011

Gilroy Gardens

Yesterday we had the most awesome day at Gilroy Gardens!! We had never been there before and didn't really know what to expect. We were so happy about everything we found!! We are definitely getting season passes next year! The whole park is geared towards smaller kids. Like 8 and under. I could have taken a thousand pictures, but I refrained.

We started out getting the kids face painted. Which ended up being not the best idea because there was water involved later on, but the were super happy about it.
Flying goldfish!!!!

Andy was so serious. He loved all the cars. I didn't get a shot of them on the fire engines, or the soaring strawberries.
The whole gang! We loved having Memere there with us! Everything is more fun with Memere!!
Yeah, the balloons were that fun!
On a lot of the rides, the kids got their own buggies, so they didn't have to compromise on the color. Obviously Julie picked purple! She is my daughter!
I was surprised that Andy wasn't that into the driving. But he enjoyed the ride.
Artichoke Dips!!
She wasn't scared to drive!!
It was a bit of a bummer I couldn't go on more rides. I did enjoy the monorail and the train was great!! But I really can't complain when this was the view I enjoyed while they were on all the rides!! This was the most beautiful park ever! All theme parks should also be botanical gardens!
It was such a great day! We were all exhausted! But there were no fits, no tantrums, no time outs. The kids ate their lunches without prompting and walked the entire time. We didn't even bring a stroller!!


Mom/Memere said...

So glad you invited me along. Watching those two have so much fun was just as refreshing as the water mister!!!

Anne said...

Your kids always have a smile on their faces. So excited for your babygirl :)
Greetings, Anne.