Thursday, December 1, 2011

2 Weeks and Random Picture Purge

With Sadie being with us for 2 weeks now (oh my goodness, how did that happen?!?!) we have had lots of opportunities for pictures. Sadie feels like she has been with us forever.  I know parents say that all the time, but she fits in perfect.   She is back up to 8 lbs 12 ozs (almost back to her birth weight), she looks all over for voices when someone walks in the room and she is trying to hold up her head more each day. She is even starting to enjoy tummy time. She sleeps like a dream.  Last night she went down in the cosleeper around 10 pm.  She woke up and ate at 2:30 then it was right back to sleep.  Then she got up when we all got up at 6:30.  I can't complain. She's an angel.

Her cord fell off the other day and within minutes Julie and Andy were asking to help give her a bath.  They knew she couldn't have one til her belly button was healed and they didn't want to waste any time.  We were on our way to have our awesome friend Dana take pictures of the kids for Christmas Cards and Sadie's birth announcement, so it was good timing.

Julie's hair is so pretty! Look at those highlights!! I wish I could have gotten her hair! Too bad it doesn't work like that huh?
Yesterday we took Sadie to get her "Pawprints" done.  We have them for Julie and Andy too, thanks to our sweet friends Delma and Cory. 
She wasn't mad, I swear.
Then it was off to get our Christmas Tree!! The big kids were way more excited about jumping.
And this was what Sadie did the whole time.  So John and I got to pick whatever tree we wanted.  Of course we picked one that was a little too big. But it looks and smells beautiful.
Ok, now on for the picture randomness.These are all just shots from the last few days.

This is the outfit Julie wore in her announcement shot.  I think Sadie has already outgrown it.
Love these silly sisters!!

The other night Julie wanted a picture with her and Sadie in their jammies.  Of course Dolly had to be in it wearing her new nightgown that Julie and Memere made for her.
Both kids love relaxing with their baby sis.

See, she sleeps like and angel.

Love my big boy. He is just full of hugs and kisses for his Mommy, Sisters and his Daddy.
And now we are off tot take a nap.

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