Monday, January 9, 2012

Beach Day

Yes, you read that right! We had a beautiful beach day on Sunday with the Cisneros Family!! The weather was amazing! We got there mid morning and were having so much fun we didn't leave til well after nap time. Whoops!!

I didn't get any good pictures of Everett and the kids.  This is what they were doing most of the time.  Everett had no problem splashing and running in the water.  He totally kept up with Julie and Andy!
I love the look on Andy's face here. "Mom, seriously? I'm workin' here!"
Julie didn't even bother looking up!
Sadie loved her first beach trip too! She ate, snoozed for a bit, smiled a bunch....
....enjoyed the view.... (yes, that's John, Julie and Andy.  I was enjoying the sun too much to get closer to take a picture!)
......and smiled some more!!
But by the end of the day, the beach got the best of her and she napped all the way home.
The whole time we were there we all kept saying how lucky we are to live here, where we can enjoy the beach in January with wonderful friends and are cool kids!  Wouldn't have it any other way.

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Anonymous said...

It's inspiring how much you enjoy life. Really, that's what it is all about.