Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Crack Up

These kids are cracking me up today!!

First this one.....
First thing this morning, we are cuddling in bed with Julie on one side of Sadie and me on the other.  I have my arms around both of them.

Julie starts being sweet on Sadie and I say, "I love my girls!"
Julie says, "I love you Sadie!"
Me: "hey?!?"
Julie: "Oh, I love you too Mom."

Then, just now in the car:

Me: "Andy, stop that please"
Julie: "How did you know what he was doing?"
Me: "I have eyes in the back of my head."
Julie: "Mom, are you imagining things??"

Then there is this boy....
We took my mom to the airport to fly off to Texas visit some friends and family. As she is leaving he says to her, "Memere, you are going on an airplane! You are going on vacation. And you are going to see lots of family. And you are going to miss me!!!!"

Love my silly kids!!

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