Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Father Daughter Dance and a Mommy Date

Saturday night was the annual Father Daughter Dance. Julie really wanted Sadie to go last year, but being only 3 months only, we made up the rule that you can't go until you can dance.

This year, Sadie can totally dance. We got her a fun new dress and she kept putting her little hands under her chin and giving us huge grins. She knew she looked adorable.
Julie looked so beautiful, but altogether way too grown up. She was so proud to have her sister with her.
My beautiful big girl. Complete with her real tiara. Such a princess.
Someone is excited!!
The Arnolds came up so the girls could get ready together. Everything is more fun with great friends. And the Dad's look so handsome!

And my pretty 3. Love these faces.
While the girls and dads were off dancing, Heather and I took Andy and Gus (who Andy calls "Tuck" and has since before he was born, it adorable) to a pizza place that has arcade games. Andy was so proud of himself winning enough tickets for 3 pieces of candy.
After pizza and playing games for a bit, we made a quick stop (more in the next blog) and went out for frozen yogurt, even though it was only 38 degrees outside! Both boys thought that was a great idea!

We got home to be greeted by happy girls who had a great time at the dance. Love that this is becoming such a sweet tradition.

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