Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Julie is 6!!

Last Friday my big girl turned 6. I have no idea how this could have happened!

Julie's birthday is always preceded by Grandma Hazel's. This year we had her over for dinner Thursday night. Happy 93rd Grandma!!
Friday morning, Julie woke up and got all ready for school.  She was excited to bring cookies for her classmates. When I asked her what she wanted to bring, she knew she wanted cookies. No cupcakes. No brownies. It had to be chocolate chip cookies.

Before school, I tried to get a little birthday picture...this is the best she gave me. Goofball.
Sadie knew something was up. She gave her hug after hug. Julie eats up her affection. I hope that never changes.
Julie got to pick where she wanted to go for dinner, since her party wasn't until the next night. Being the super cool kid that she is, she picked Sushi. And she seemed to have a blast.
Andy and Sadie got her new headphones.
Chris and Kay got her a new bike helmet.
She really liked it. And the staff brought her a big piece of fried cheesecake. And we all sang. It was wonderful!
 On Saturday night, she had a gymnastics party with all her little friends. Andy got to pick one buddy to come and he picked our neighbor Nate.  The other party guests were Lina, Audrey, Anna, Kaitlyn, Carly, Georgia, Tagen, Lauren, Ashlee and Hailee. Julie really enjoyed getting to be the line leader all night!
Everyone ran around like crazy!
Andy had fun too!
Sadie had Grammy chasing her most of the night, so she was one happy camper!
Both Sadie and Lauren loved the long trampoline.
After over an hour of playing, everyone was ready for pizza! The girls mowed through their pizza, they all worked up an appetite running around.
A Princess cake for our Princess!
She wanted Sadie to sit next to her when she got her cake.
How is that cake Bud?
All her friends watched quietly while she opened her gifts. Of course there is Andy making small talk with Carly. He is just smitten with that girl!
The next day we celebrated Lauren's second birthday and went to the Santa Barbara Zoo. It was a fun weekend full of great celebration, family and friends.  This week will be the same, so more to come!

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