Sunday, February 10, 2013

Short and Sweet Visit

I have a few awesome and wonderful things to blog about, but I will just have to do them in the order that they happened, even though I want to put all the pictures up at once!

On Wednesday, Bess, Matt and Veda got here for a quick visit. We had talked about having a family dinner while she was here, so she didn't have to run all over seeing everyone. I guess I failed to mention that it was going to be a little baby shower as well! I think she and Matt were surprised and they got some sweet gifts.

Andy loves all his girls and Veda is no exception. He loved on her as much as she would let him. Notice the family resemblance?
It was also a great day to celebrate becuase it was Uncle Ted's birthday. And he retired the day before, so of course, he was all smiles! I have no idea why all the guys decided to sit at the kids table.


There we go, that's a little better. Four cousins at the kiddie table! Lauren was there too, but after a busy day, she was happy sit with Mommy. 

Grandma Hazel and Uncle Sean, both looking so pretty, nothing out of the ordinary here!

Veda helped open gifts....well, not really, she only sat up with them long enough for me to get a picture. This is just one of the sweet little shirts they got.
I am in the process of making the little man a quilt, but I didn't quite get it done in time (I know, I'm a slacker).  I think they liked it anyway.  And I will get it done before he gets here.
Two beautiful sets of cousins....there is Andy squeezing Veda again...
Pretty much the only shot I got with the baby bump. She always looks so beautiful.
Grandma Hazel with her babies. We were well past bed time at this point, but for the most part, everyone cooperated.
Memere read to Andy as we were winding down. Even with the chaos, he can never pass up a book.
Most of the gang! Julie insisted we take a group picture. Mom was kind enough to take one with my camera too.
We sure are missing that smile already.
Sadie and Veda are only 5 months apart, and about the same size, in fact, Sadie is just a smidge taller. After their bath and matching jammies (totally on accident) we could barely tell them apart as the ran around the living room.
We love you Bess, Matt, Veda and little man. We are happy we got to celebrate with you and can't wait to see you again!

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