Monday, April 22, 2013

Siblings are SO COOL!

Seriously, these 3 are the best. It is amazing to watch these little people love each other, help each other, and grow together.
Now that Sadie is stable on her feet, running everywhere, she joins in the fun, whatever the fun may be at the moment. And the big kids can't wait to include her.
Julie and Andy argue like siblings do. But when Andy has a bad dream, it's not Mommy he runs for. I find them like this many mornings. 
I love how much fun they have and how they enjoy the same things. Like being silly.
And squeezing together for a picture. Every day is a new adventure. Sadie looks up to Julie so much.  She tries to mimic everything Julie says and goes to her when she needs help (putting on a shoe, taking the top of a marker, etc). She will bring Julie a book and immediatly plop down in her lap before Julie can protest. She looks to Andy to share toys, play and wrestle with. Andy is also always good to share a snack with.  Both Julie and Andy go to Sadie when they need a hug.

I can't get enough of 3. I am so lucky to be their Momma!

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HalnArlene Gasch said...

You are such a great momma and your family is amazing and lovely!