Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter Continued

After the baskets were opened, we all got dressed and went off to Church with Great Grandma Hazel. But not without taking some cute kid pictures first.
I love this one, they look like a happy little family.
Then Julie decided we should do individual shots. So everyone could see her dress. Notice the jeans out the bottom of her dress. She's my girl!
Then it was Sadie's turn. This is what she does when I tell her to "Say Cheese".
Then she gets even more silly.
I don't know where she gets all this silliness from!!  Love my handsome boy.
 Another happy "cheese" face!
After Church, we had been looking forward to going to Justin, Audrey, and Lauren's house, but Lauren had been sick all week and they were just not up for it. So the party was moved to our house.  We missed Jus, Audrey and Lauren a lot, but we managed to have some fun.

Carter enjoyed his first Easter, and won the best dressed award!
Memere and Sadie! She still had her ball of course!
Oh Pop Pop, you are so funny.
John and Carter, just a couple of baldies.
Nate and Tagen came over for the egg hunt too, the more kids the better when it comes to egg hunts! Sadie was once again not into it, but Nate, Everett, Tagen, Andy and Julie were all over the place looking for eggs. And, no they did not cooperate one bit for this picture!

Run Andy run!

Sadie was, however, super interested in her buddy Lydia! She has never shown that much interest in a baby, she kept point at her and wanting to touch her. So sweet.
After a super long day, Sadie fell fast asleep in John's arms. She also slept on me during church that morning.  She never does that anymore, and we both enjoyed the quiet moments with her.
So it was a busy Easter. All didn't go as planned. But we had fun, ate amazing food, too much sweets, spent time with our family and friends, and that is all that matters.

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